Ganesh Ram Santhanam

iPref-R (CI-nets)

NEW Slides for AAAI 2014 Tutotial on Representing and Reasoning with Qualitative Preferences: Tools and Applications (pdf)

iPref-R is a reasoner for qualitative preferences expressed in languages such as CP-nets, TCP-nets and CI-nets. i-PrefR is founded on decision theory, formal methods and software engineering. The intended long-term goal of iPref-R is to support the following features.

  1. Support preferences specified in a variety of preference languages with various levels of expressivity
  2. Handle multiple stakeholders at different levels of authority who may hold possibly conflicting preferences
  3. Ability to deal with alternatives that are composite in nature
  4. Transparency and accountability to the user, i.e., explain to the user the rationale behind choosing some alternative(s) as preferred given his/her preferences

Presently, the iPref-R is available for preferences specified in CP-nets, TCP-nets (with unconditional relative importance) and CI-nets for decision problems involving a single stakeholder. It is implemented in Java.

Interfacing with iPref-R For further details regarding the usage, please contact me at the address on top of this page.
The theoretical foundations of the tool can be found in the paper Dominance Testing via Model Checking by Santhanam et al. (AAAI 2010).
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Funding and Support
The research activities of the project are supported in parts by US National Science Foundation grants CCF 1143734 and CCF 0702758.

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